IDF launches new online education platform for people living with diabetes

Diabetes currently affects one in ten people worldwide. Understanding the condition is the first step to preventing and managing it. A new online education platform is now available in the IDF School of Diabetes to help people with diabetes and those who care for them to make informed decisions about their condition.

The Understanding Diabetes platform features a selection of free interactive courses on various aspects of diabetes care and management. The first course available introduces diabetes, explaining how the condition develops in the body, describing the main types and exploring the warning signs, risk factors and complications. The course has been made possible with the support of the Boston Scientific Foundation Europe.   

“Diabetes education is a fundamental component of diabetes care. IDF is delighted to partner with the Boston Scientific Foundation Europe on the launch of our new digital platform to help people living with diabetes understand and manage their condition. We are committed to developing accessible, evidence-based educational resources for the millions of people affected. Our goal is to provide education today to protect tomorrow,” said Prof. Andrew Boulton, President of IDF.

“We fully support the International Diabetes Federation in this project because it mirrors perfectly our mission to improve patient wellbeing using innovative solutions. IDF has recognised the need to reach all people impacted, or at risk of, diabetes with accessible education to support their care. We are delighted to see the launch of this digital platform that creatively tailors learning to the individual,” said Sandrine Bazile, President of the Boston Scientific Foundation Europe.

A second course on the basics of blood glucose control – developed with the support of Servier – will be available by the end of June. Further courses will subsequently be made available.

Discover the Understanding Diabetes platform at

Source: The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) 

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